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As a phd student I am wondering whether or not to list supervised students on personal website (I am tending to a "yes"). Would you only list masters/bachelor student or also other student projects?

I am also not sure, how much information is reasonable. Just the name/title? Abstract? Current position?

Are there any legal issues I should keep in mind?

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I cannot comment on the legal issues: I'm not a lawyer and you don't specify which country you are in.

In any case, I'd ask them a written consent before listing any information. In particular:

  1. In the consent form, report clearly which items are going to be listed.
  2. In the consent form, specify the time frame along which you plan to show that information.
  3. In the consent form, specify that they can withdraw the consent any time and you will oblige.
  4. I'd list only name, title and possibly abstract.
  5. I wouldn't list the current position because it is typically subject to change without notice.