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I want to tackle an experiment with the following goal:

Determine the correlations between printing parameters (temperatures, speeds, humidity, perimeters, infill, etc.) and tensile strength using a specific 3D printer, test specimen, and filament brand/model.

This goal calls for two parts then: a standardized test procedure and test specimen. For the test procedure, I've been asking myself:

What portable, measurable and roughly consistent tensile strength test does not require building a complicated machine, can be performed with ready-made tools or machines available at a large hardware store, and can be set up within 5 minutes?

I am thinking here about a procedure that lies somewhere between this hanging scale test and ISO 527. Definitely not using bare hands or pliers. Once the procedure is defined, this begs the question:

Is the ISO 3167 multipurpose test specimen an appropriate specimen for the test procedure outlined above or are there other specimens that are more suitable?

I was thinking that, since the usual filaments have an ultimate strength of around 40-60 MPa, perhaps the "recoil" would be too much and one needs to use a smaller, weaker specimen.

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For these kind of tests you could rely on the ASTM standards. They define test procedures and test specimen sizes for different types of tests. Or you can derive a specimen yourself based on these standards (e.g. for my bachelor's degree I used an alternative notch impact specimen as I was bound to the amount of available material of the turbine rotor blade the specimens were taken from). Considering the material, you could device up a contraption made from extrusion profiles or something.

Please do note that to get reasonable results, you would have to do a lot of tests as the spread in results is probably even more than in metals.

The company I work for does this, these material qualification programmes run for long times (years, as we also do fatigue and creep testing), and a lot of samples are tested to qualify for use in Aerospace applications.