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Where can I find reliable statistics/info on the outlook of tenure math teaching jobs at the community college level? Teaching is my biggest reward, I love math, and I refuse to enter industry (but I also don't think I will do a postdoc).

I'm seriously considering entering this profession after the PhD (I'm currently a 3rd year math Phd student), but I am not sure what to expect. I.e., I am not sure how much pressure there will be for me to be forced to accept adjunct roles with no hope of tenure or security of employment. I was told that my old community college, which has 10,000 students, hasn't hired a tenure track math professor since 2009, and I am not sure how common this trend is. I am willing to move.

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Community colleges are organized differently between the states, but here's where you can find the current job listings in California, the biggest state:


You'll have to do some reading (I got five pages of results for "mathematics"), but some of these positions are clearly tenure-track, and some are clearly not. In my district, the SFCCD, all the full-time faculty positions are inherently tenure-track.