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I'm going into my third year of university, and the past year (my second year) was a very bad time for me. I was admittedly overzealous, and quickly exhausted myself with my research work, overloading with courses, and my campus job.

Between all this, I also was taking a course that required me to seek the advice of a professor, for which I talked to about three professors in my department. While these professors were happy to meet with me and talk with me, however, I didn't really follow up with them as well as they asked (i.e. I didn't show them the final product, because I ended up not doing so well in the course).

I'm wondering if I seek the advice of these profs again, how high is the chance that these profs will even give me the time of day?

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Be frank (and brief) and ask up front if they will again work with you on your project. Whatever the response, you'll not have caused offense nor missed an opportunity.