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Because .hex files can be installed without any need of an Arduino (serving as an ISP) to flash the firmware on Creality machines I was wondering, if firmware compiled via some other means (for example the Repetier firmware or Arduino) could be exported as a .hex file.

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Use the menu option in the Arduino IDE:

SketchExport Compiled Binary

See post #6 from the thread How to get hex file from arduino files ?:

Well, since it was bumped it's worth mentioning there is a new way to do this added in Arduino IDE 1.6.5:

  • Sketch > Export Compiled Binary
  • If you are doing this with an example then you will be prompted to save the sketch in another location.
  • Wait until the sketch has finished compiling.
  • Sketch > Show Sketch Folder
  • The .hex file will be in the sketch folder

Here is a screenshot for OS X:

Export compiled Binary menu option

There is no need to fully compile, a simple verify will suffice. From post #10:

Reopen Arduino, and open a sketch of your choice (use the Examples->Digital->Blink if you have no other sketches). Hit the Verify button to compile the sketch. Now, navigate to the build.path folder. You should see a bunch of files including one with a .hex extension.

If using an older version of the Arduino IDE, from post #12:

Try this if using an older version of Arduino

Taking out HEX file from Arduino in 3 simple steps