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Four months in my postdoc and I feel the mess, up to the point that I can't further do any, any work in my office. Nothing. My passion, bioinformatics, is gone.

An office with 12 students where just 8 should be, and plenty of disorganised stuff, people coming in and out, chatting, not very clean... I would say it's more similar to a bar than to a real work office. Almost all them work on the bench, so they come and go to the computer frequently.

I've been promised to get a new place in a 5 students office in about a month, but this has already a delay of 2 months since I should have moved there like 2 months ago. This is the reason to be in a limit situation.

What to do? My mentor knows almost nothing about this. He knows I'm waiting for the new place but thinks I'm doing well, when this is far from true.

I work in bioinformatics but seems my mentor thinks this is like kid games. I feel homeless moving through libraries trying to go ahead with my work.

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You said "Everyone is doing well, they like the mess. I have a real problem, can't do anything"....I believe you should talk to your mentor immediately about the situation and start cleaning the mess on your part. Slowly but steadily keep on cleaning it. I don't think the mess is NOT bothering others but the thing is that no one is willing to do anything about it. If you start cleaning the mess, (by cleaning what I mean is to start assembling and organising things) I believe this is how others are going to realise their mistake and they'll also start doing something about it. I think you need to take an initiative, which is not easy, but someone has to. And that someone is YOU :) Good luck!