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On Google Scholar, you can do an author search based on keywords. For example, if I find an author who has "Robotics" as a keyword, and I click on that keyword, it lists all the authors with that keyword, in order of the number of citations.

What I would like to do, is see that same list, but:

1) Only for authors in my country


2) By combining it with another keyword, e.g. all the authors who have "Robotics" and "Machine Learning".

Is this kind of advanced author search possible?

1 Answer 1

You can search multiple keywords with something like this:

label:robotics + label:machine_learning 

in the author search. Narrowing by country can be trickier. You can potentially narrow by the email address. For example, if their profile is verified with a UK email address it will end in .ac.uk. Thus you can search:

label:robotics + label:machine_learning + .ac.uk 

and only get UK researchers. You'll probably get some false positives and negatives with this technique so it's not perfect but will help narrow the scope.

Here's a related question pertaining to narrowing country on Google Scholar:

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