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Often, when searching Google Scholar, I get a single result with a bit of text "Showing the best result for this search. See all results" and I have to click on that hyperlink at the end to actually see a full set of results. Is there any setting to automatically have that clicked so that Google Scholar displays a full set of results automatically, instead of only showing one?


Google Scholar results page illustrating what's described above

I've already gone in to Google Scholar Settings and Results Per Page is set to 10; making it 20 doesn't help. Neither of those values are "1," which is what actually gets displayed.

1 Answer 1

Compare the contents of the address bars:


for the full results and:


where the difference is lookup=0& after google.com/scholar? and before q=... (though the location of the lookup=0 bit doesn't matter so we can append &lookup=0

Here's a greasemonkey script (firefox) that does the job (updated to fix a couple of bugs, see below).

// ==UserScript== // @name Full Scholar // @namespace Example // @description Add &lookup=0 to google scholar links // @include http://scholar.google.com/scholar* // @include https://scholar.google.com/scholar* // @include https://scholar.google.co.uk/scholar* // @include http://scholar.google.co.uk/scholar* // @version 1 // @grant none // ==/UserScript== var url = window.location.href; if (! /lookup=0$/.test (url)) { window.location.href = url + '&lookup=0'; } 

So you need to install greasemonkey (on Chrome, apparently tampermonkey is the equivalent) and paste this is as a new script.

Bug fixes 2016-08-09:

  • redirects to local google domains were broken (I've added .co.uk, substitute as required)
  • some pages were broken, giving a 404 error. These didn't have /scholar in them, so I've added that to the URL match.

(Note, this is my first greasemonkey script and I don't really do js, so criticism appreciated)