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My printer has an auto-leveling feature that works by touching the build plate with the tip of the nozzle.

I started using a BuildTak surface and BuildTak is damaged when you push a hot nozzle into it.

So I edited the start G-code to run the auto-leveling before heating up the hotend

But ABS doesn't stick to the build surface unless I pre-heat the hotend and wait about a minute.

So now I'm looking for a G-code command to put at the end of the start G-code that will make the printer wait a minute before printing

The sequence I'm looking for is:

  • Heat up the bed
  • Auto level
  • Raise the hotend a little bit so it doesn't touch the build plate
  • Heat up the hotend
  • Wait a minute (that's the only part that is missing, everything else works)
  • Start printing

Any way to insert a delay into the G-code?

I'm using Cura to slice/print, my printer is Robo3D R1+

1 Answer 1

I´m using this code for my prints.

 G29 ; Autonivel M190 S35 ; set bed temperature G1 Z4 F240 ; lift nozzle M109 S195 ; wait for temperature to be reached G21 ; set units to millimeters G90 ; use absolute coordinates M82 ; use absolute distances for extrusion M104 S210 ; set temperature G92 E0 G1 E-1.5000 F1800 G1 Z0.225 F240 

On M190 S35, the nozzle is still on the low position (1.2mm), then goes to 4mm then waits for the extruder temperature Ex. 195°C; when the extruder reach the 195°C for 10 seconds then the printers starts to print going the nozzle to 0.22mm while the nozzle reach the second temperature of 210°C. On This time its allow me to clean the nozzle and normalize the temperatures for a good prints.

Note: To avoid the nozzle stays many time on low position (1.2mm) normally I preheat the bed at 35°C. some times to heat the bed takes a longer time than heating the nozzle. This is the main reason that I prefer to preheat the printer.