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I am currently a PhD student in computational social science, and I feel like my work doesn't really contribute positively to humanity. Basically I feel like I am running analyses and producing plots to "prove a point" or (optimistically) discover new insights about the world. But I'm not actually sure that the point is true, because if I run the analysis in a slightly different way, it proves another point entirely. It seems to very much depend on the specific dataset you use and the specific way you conduct your analyses.

I want to switch to a field where this doesn't happen. Ideally in order to have a publication you would have to produce a piece of software that does something useful for the world, and it would be impossible to fake its usefulness. I am affiliated with the computer science department at my university, so I was wondering what fields of computer science are the most "legitimate" in this way, and also friendly to people with very little background in them.

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You can find examples in safety, integrity and security related applications. The first ones jumping to my mind: real-time computing, cryptography, computer system security, compression.