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Let's say that some person has a Ph.D. in mathematics and several publications in peer-reviewed journals. After that he worked several years in another field (not directly related to mathematics). Now he is thinking about returning to mathematics. The downside is that:

  1. he doesn't have any teaching experience, and
  2. he can't arrange for any recommendation letters (I am not going to explain why, let's just consider it as a given for the purpose of this question).

All mathematics postdoc position announcements that I've seen so far require recommendation letters, and the vast majority of them require teaching experience. Do you know of any postdoc positions in mathematics that would make an exception?

Also, are there any other positions (in the private sector) related to mathematics that you would suggest to look for in this situation?

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I can't imagine taking on someone who wasn't able to provide any recommendation letters, even if the candidate had several Science and Nature papers. However, I would be happy to consider strong recommendation letters from an employer in another field in combination with a very strong publication record.