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ISSUE: Stepper motors are not working when connected with RAMPS 1.4.

OBSERVATION: The LED lights(LED 2,3,4) in the RAMPS 1.4 is not powering up.

PRACTICES: I use Arduino Mega 2560 and installed Marlin firmware in it. And I bought a RAMPS 1.4 in a local electronic dealer. I placed the RAMPS over Arduino Mega 2560. For testing I just connected 2 NEMA 17 stepper motors with RAMPS. When USB port connection is given from laptop to Arduino board, a LED light is ON in Arduino board (L) and in RAMPS (LED 1). I use SMPS 12 V 20 A as a PSU for RAMPS. But in RAMPS the LED 2, 3, 4 are not switched ON. I checked the input voltage to the RAMPS using micrometer and it shows 11.75 V. But there is no output from the RAMPS.

Also I installed and tried Repetier firmware and Grbl but it doesn't work. And I use Windows 10 pro 64 bit OS.

When I flashed Arduino with Grbl, in this case all of the LEDs on the Arduino and RAMPS 1.4 are switched ON. I use Candle GRBL software to test the stepper motors.

And I replaced and tested with another RAMPS which is bought from Amazon but the problem remains unchanged.

Kindly give some suggestions at the earliest.

I have attached the images of my circuit connection:




Board selection in Marlin:


Additional clarifications

In response to Professor's questions:

  1. Yes the stepper drivers are connected correctly
  2. Yes the stepper wiring is accurate (2B 2A 1A 1B) as per mentioned in the Ramps 1.4.
  3. No there is no voltage input to stepper motor. But there is 12V input to Ramps 1.4.
  4. Disabled cold extrusion
  5. No, the firmware is not set to no move before homing (issue G28 first)
  6. Yes, pins are set correctly for your board in Marlin

1 Answer 1

to help you to solve this problem - please see my checklist

  1. are the stepper drivers connected correctly (pin1 to pin1)?
  2. stepper wiring is accurate (1a-1a..2b-2b)?
  3. is there enough voltage provided to the steppers (regulate)?
  4. if you are trying to move E0 or E1 then you need to disable cold extrusion as that stops rotation (waiting for 170C deg on the nozzle)
  5. is the firmware set to no move before homing (issue G28 first)?
  6. are pins set correctly for your board in Marlin?

the led's are set on my ramps as they are mostly giving a stutus for heater fan and bed, so grbl software could use those pins differently