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I've been working on an interesting sorting algorithm that is efficient for an array of problems. I wrote up a paper on my findings and it has turned into about 5 pages. I've researched pretty thoroughly and there aren't any papers that use the method I have found or solve the problem I was working on as efficiently. I'm curious if there is an easy place to publish work. I got my undergrad in statistics and never did research so I don't really know how the process works. Just checking to see if y'all have any recommendations.

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it is at least somewhat common to find a collaborator with more publishing experience, who can help with the process. i would encourage that because personal conversations are a much higher bandwidth connection than Q&A on this site.

if you are intent on getting your work out there alone, you'll choose to target some point on the spectrum from likely rejection at a high-impact journal to certain acceptance at an unimportant conference. a journal that has already published related work is a good option. read their web site, look at their document norms and submission process for an idea what would be involved in getting a yes or no answer. (if it's a no, of course, you get to start over, somewhat wiser.)