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I am writing a paper on an engineering topic. We have an experimentally validated simpler model.


  1. The current paper extends the previous model for a more complex problem and explores the area numerically. Is it necessary to always include experimental validation for a numerical model, especially since we have already validated it for a simpler case? Is this enough for publication?

  2. Since the primary domain equation, boundary condition and initial condition is the same (what varies between the simpler model and the more complex model is the parameters in the domain equation are more complex), is it necessary to include the boundary condition and initial condition in the paper as well, or can I just refer to the previous paper/include in the appendix? I am trying to reduce the size of the paper, and make it more readable.

  3. The simulation methodology is more complex, because of the increased complexity of the domain equation. Does it help if I include the simulation methodology in the paper? Or should I just put it in the appendix?

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Consult the journal you are intending to submit your paper to. Usually they have a set of general guidelines on how they expect you to structure your article. Also look at previously published papers in the same journal.