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I'm wondering what the minimum amount of rows and cells (i.e. cells) for tables in a thesis is. That is, above which amount of cells should I switch from continuous text to tables. Obviously, it also depends to some degree on the size of the cells, i.e. the amount of text.

I currently have a table with two columns and four rows. The first column contains cells with one word each, the second column has cells with 2-4 words. It looks really dumb on paper, but I resist writing continuous text because there really isn't more to say on the four rows and it would sound "jerky".

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TBH, I never heard of such a minimum for rows, columns or cells for a thesis. I suppose it would be same for any other table.

If you really believe that the table doesn't look so neat with only a few columns for too many rows, then transposing the table would be a good idea (as @Wrzlprmft suggested). If the amount of data looks unworthy of being depicted as a table, then you may you any other sort of graphical presentation such as a chart. This might help you with more innovative ideas for presentation.

Having said the above, this really is a question for your thesis advisor and would depend on any guidelines referred by your institution on writing a thesis.