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I'm a TA teaching a class this fall for the first time. I've taught before, but never this class, and never felt an obligation to tell my students it's my first time teaching a given class. But, being a bit more experienced I thought it might be a good idea this time by perhaps endearing me to my students, being so candid on the first day. Does anyone have similar thoughts on approaching a first-time teaching role?

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Only if you're open to suggestions mid-semester.

Ask for suggestions on a half-sheet of paper about a third-of-the-way through the class. What worked so far? What hasn't?

If the class doesn't go well for whatever reason, and you told students you never taught it before, they will complain about you behind your back, and say you didn't prepare or you shouldn't have taught. They might complain to your advisor or the department head or someone else in the department.

If you don't want feedback, don't tell them.