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When running Marlin Firmware, is it possible to run G-code scripts/series of commands automatically when you insert the SD card?

I'm running Marlin on a 3D printer board using an ATmega 2560 based board with a reprap discount LCD controller with an SD card slot. I would like to do this without the need to add another computer/board, so native from the board running the Marlin Firmware.

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I am not entirely sure if this is what you are after, or if it will work, but from this post on Printing From SD Card when printer is turned On

While an LCD controller is not needed for auto#.g to work, if you have an LCD controller you can use the MENU_ADDAUTOSTART option to add a menu command that will run the auto0.g, auto1.g, auto2.g whenever you want.

This (final) post ended up closing the thread so it appears to answer the OP's question - however, whether it will answer your question is another matter.