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Quick question for the collective.

  1. Is it appropriate to list completion of online courses (eg. Coursera) on your academic CV? I'm in medicine, but want to articulate that I am expanding my skill set by completing work in data science and analytics.

  2. If so, where would you put it in context of your other CV sub-headings?

1 Answer 1

This answer is based purely on my own experience -

  1. I applied for a job a few months ago, and had recently completed a MOOC relating to an aspect of the project that I did not need to be qualified for, but demonstrated I had an interest in that area. Rather than add it to my CV, I mentioned it in the covering letter.

  2. Personally, I wouldn't want to clutter the academic CV too much or detract from my main qualifications - I wouldn't put it under the Academic Qualifications section for instance. However, I sometimes include a section at the end of the CV entitled 'Workshops and Classes Attended' which I tailor to include things that are relevant to a particular role, so I might put a MOOC there if it related to a position I was applying for.