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Are there books/writing on project management as applied to scientific research (for PhD students and higher)?

I am looking for something synonymous to Scott Berkun's "Making Things Happen", which was written for software developers. Other interesting and useful practices I am familiar with include Agile and Extreme Programming. Maybe I am looking for sources on comparing research process to product development.

Just to be clear, this is not question about software, but about practices.

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A while ago I read a paper [1] about SCORE, an agile method for managing research groups. I have not really tried to apply it at my research group, but we had good experience with using Scrum for the software development aspects of our research projects.

[1] M. Hicks and J. S. Foster, “SCORE: agile research group management,” Commun. ACM, vol. 53, no. 10, pp. 30–31, Oct. 2010. http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1831407.1831421