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Currently it is my job to schedule (Date+Time) my PhD defense which shall take place in approx. 2 months from now. Hence, I have to ask all committee members about their availability. How should I approach this task:

  1. Using a tool like doodle. I worry that this is too "modern" for some committee members.
  2. Proposing some dates and hoping that all members will accept one or more dates?
  3. Asking for their availability and trying to find an intersection set. But what if there is no intersecton set with respect to their time?

Any help is appreciated

1 Answer 1

I think that you should begin with part 3 of your suggestion and also take a phone number from each committee member. If you succeed in intersecting among these times then everything is solved!

If the intersection won't work then you should consider an order of importance for your committee members. You can get several times from the chief member and consult with the other members.

My strong recommendation is to speak very conservative and respectfully with the members. Also if the intersection doesn't take place then you should consult with your supervisor and request from your supervisor to talk with the committee members in hopes of solving your problem.