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I have a professor in my university. He has married his PhD supervisor, and students are now making fun out of it as he didn't work on his PhD. Instead they were in relationship and this and that.

I was wondering how this decision affects his academic life. Do people doubt his degree as being softly defended or can people trust the expert knowledge of such a person?

Especially if a student wants him as a supervisor and when the student knows about this, what can be the effects of such a relationship on the student's decision?

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This situation would likely be a serious concern for the folks in the department where he graduated and for the first place that gives him a job. They would probably look into it and may or may not take issue with how things are done. Depending on the details it could certainly affect his ability to get a good placement.

Once this person has their first job I would think everyone subsequently will assume that there was no issue and will not care. By the time he is in a position to supervise students, he should also have a track record of work in the field since graduation and things that happened in graduate school are irrelevant. After your first few years of work, your credibility is based on what you have done while working, not on anything that happened in graduate school.

I find it hard to imagine a professor being in a position to supervise a student but the student basing his or her decision in any way on something that happened back in graduate school.