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I have communicated my article to one elsevier journal. After being with editor for more than one month, the current status is "submitted to journal". I am confused regarding this status? What does it signify, kindly answer me?

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Based on my experience, the review process in most of Elsevier journals are as,

  1. Submitted to journal(Editor tries to find an associate editor or referees for your article)
  2. With editor (Editor evaluation step)
  3. Under review (Your paper is sent for referees (reviewers))
  4. Required reviews completed (Minimum number of reviews for your article received)
  5. Editor evaluation or with editor (Editor decision for your paper based on reviewers comments)
  6. revised or rejected or recommended for resubmission based on reviews comments

This is the most common process for Elsevier journals. Also, the length of time in each step is totally dependent on the journal and especially on the editor in chief. You can find some info about the review process in the newly added feature in some Elsevier's journals named as journal insight e.g. see this one, Journal insight