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I finished my undergrad last year and have since been working in the private sector. I'm about to submit a paper with my senior thesis results. Two questions about corresponding author information:

  1. I'm listing my current affiliation in the private sector for various reasons. We are moving offices, and our address will be changing in about 3 months. Should I use the new mailing address or the old mailing address? I know it's kind of silly since nobody sends mail anymore, but I'm curious either way.

  2. I will probably be going to grad school in a couple of years, and my private sector e-mail will not be accessible if I leave. Would it be passé for me to list my @gmail.com address for correspondence to ensure I'm always reachable?


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  1. As you mentioned, the postal address does not matter - but in any case, I'd lean towards the newer address!

  2. Its definitely OK to do so - I submitted my Masters thesis with my gmail.com account, due to the exact same scenario as outlined by you (currently working, am hoping to go to grad school this fall).

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