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What are the advantages of Mendeley over Bibsonomy?

Is it easy to migrate from Bibsonomy to Mendeley?

Does Mendeley offer equally powerful bibliography exportation?

In detail, the following disadvantages of Bibsonomy are crucial for me:

  • you can not modify all your bibliographies at once, e.g. exchange in every URL field each # with \#
  • many references are not present, so I have to import the bibtex myself
  • search functionality could be better.

Does Mendeley solve these disadvantages?

1 Answer 1

I've got impression that Mendeley is pushing energy into something that is not the desktop software for sure. I had 2 years break from my sci efforts and after that period I've installed fresh new version of the desktop software and found few things:

  1. my online cloud/repository was crashing desktop software immediately after start (after connection is made)
  2. I've just created new username after realizing there is no way to reuse my old account (tried to delete all via web interface but no luck)

So the cloud argument: hm, proved not to be to reliable.

Then I noticed few bugs that blown my mind.

It was all fine before but now (LibreOffice plugin): you click "insert citation" it minimizes Mendeley Desktop (!?! yes, you are at LibreOffice but for no apparent reason, it minimizes the Mendeley Desktop even it is on the second screen), opens popup window within the LibreOffice where you have to know exactly what you want to cite - but, your cursor is not refocused to the input field (HA!). You say: ok, let's see what I was about to cite: you open Mendeley from the task bar and then: HA! the popup window is gone! Then you click "insert citation" again - and guess what: it does the same thing, with the windows again!

So, you might thought that multi-display environment is common in scientific community - but no, you're wrong: apparently 99% of Mendeley users have single screen and find this show&hide game amusing. At least, such impression I've got from low votes on this issue on their support/suggestion issue rank list.

I'm still using the Mendeley because I'm so used to. But if you're a new user, having a learning/adaptation curve to pass anyway: try something else first.

Mendeley does have very good auto-discovery solution for any PDF you put in watched folder(s). Few fantastic features it has, in that direction like auto online search for more data for existing entry. But then some really stupid bugs make you crazy: like you manually edit a field, then open another entry and come back to the edited one: HA! you see the old data, the update you just typed in vanished. I'm still trying to understand a pattern there: because it's like every 4th modification is just ignored, at least in my case.

To me it seems they have to stop with development of new features and go back to fix the stuff that was fine before, but suddenly became buggy for no reason. I wish it is an open source project so I can jump into the code and disable this "now you see me, now you don't" game of the windows. It kills me.

(this is comment, not answer)