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The purpose of this question is to attempt to generate a concise but comprehensive answer to the question, what happens to the researcher after fraud is discovered? I'm familiar with some consequences:

What other are some other typical (and atypical) outcomes?

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  • You would probably find it very hard to find a job or may even get fired from your job, depending on the severeness of the fraud.
  • Your employer might start a formal investigation into your behaviour.
  • The party you defrauded might sue you for damages.
  • Your reputation in your community would be at least severely damanged. Other researchers might refuse to collaborate with you.
  • You might be banned from applying for grants and/or have trouble getting grants you apply for.

I'm sure there are lots of other things. Basically, unless you have a very good explanation for it, you're done for (at least in your particular area of research).