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I've been using git for a while and now GitHub. I'm starting to write a master's thesis. Would it be a good idea to upload all the files to online public repositories? Does anyone have any experience with this?

EDIT: Thanks for all the answers. I consulted with my adviser about this, and he said that latex sources were ok, as the document will be open access anyway. My source code however was not, primarily because the collaboration already has a protected wiki for such things.

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Code - yes, it is a good idea.

PDF (perhaps with LaTeX source) - you can (why not? but rather as a place to store it and point to).

However (for finished), there are more dedicated places, e.g.:

  • opentheis - repository of theses,
  • Mendeley - reference manager allowing to upload your publications (including theses),
  • arXiv - base of preprints (but only for theses in English and from a list of topics; there you need to put source as well),
  • etc.

When you intend to actually write your thesis in the public - well, it is mostly up to you ( i.e. if you fill comfortable with it).