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I am currently applying for research and faculty positions. After an initial phone interview, how can I politely ask for feedback on the status of my application?

What are the necessary, optional, and unwise topics of such a letter?

As a concrete example, here is a quick draft:

I am writing to follow up on our discussion a few weeks ago about the position in (My Field) at (Your Institution). I remain very interested in the position and would appreciate the opportunity to work with you and the (XYZ) group.

In particular, have you been able to narrow the list of candidates, and am I included? Is there any additional information that I could provide to support my application?

I also appreciate that you sent me a copy of your unpublished manuscript. It promises to make an important contribution to the field by providing the type of robust approach to (The Method) that is required. I would like to learn more - would you be willing to share the supplementary information with me as well?

1 Answer 1

The only necessary component is the line "I was wondering about the status of my application".

Asking whether you can provide additional information is unlikely to help, as the question is too open-ended. It would be an excellent question to ask at the end of the interview phone call, as well as in the follow-up "thank you" email, but beyond that it appears desperate, which is typically not a good characteristic of an applicant.

The comment about the unpublished manuscript is unrelated, and therefore pretty neutral. It just as well could be sent in a second email.

It's worth mentioning that inquiring about the status of your application is pretty similar to habanero sauce; use judiciously, and very sparingly, and it's often best not to use it at all.