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What steps must an educational institution wanting to recruit good faculty take? There is a cycle in the academia:

  • Good doctorates from top universities invariably join other top universities as faculty members.
  • Good students aspire to study in top universities under excellent faculty members.

Suppose a new educational institution or department springs up and desires to set up a top-quality group, how does it break into this cycle? I suppose this could take some years, but is money-power the only thing that could be wielded by the institute to achieve its end?

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The most effective way to shoot up the rankings is to focus on a few areas, make a number of high-profile hires in those areas, and aggressively publicize the institute and recruit students. This is exactly what places like IST Vienna and KAUST in Saudi Arabia are trying to do, and is also what various departments have done in the past to boost their profile.

And yes, this takes a lot of money power.