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Lets say an undergraduate student does some research in his/her free time and wants to write a paper about the findings. What are the rules regarding affiliation when the student tries to publish?

  • The student is required to include the university as affiliation, because he/she is enrolled in a program at the university
  • The student is not allowed to include the university as affiliation, because he/she is not officially hired/approved to do research under the name of the university
  • There are no rules, the student can choose
  • ...?

I guess for graduate students / postdocs / professors it is mandatory to include the university as affiliation, as they get paid by the university to do the research they are doing!?

1 Answer 1

The student should talk with their department and let a professor advise, acting on behalf of their Institution. This would be to help the Department find interesting work by students as well as helping the student with professional advice.

In any case, they can list the university they are enrolled in without suggesting that it was sponsored by the university. -- unless the University has explicitly set policies otherwise (for some boneheaded reason).