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I have a manuscript that has been in review for 60 days. The journal asks for reviews within four weeks. At what point is it acceptable (and not detrimental) to contact the editor for an update? How should I phrase the request?

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I believe that accepted answer is too informal for some people. I prepared following template for myself. Using following link and Coursera professional email course. I waited 4 months before sending this email.

Subject: Inquiry about my submitted article (#XXXX) to Journal - JOURNALNAME Dear Dr. EDITORNAMESURNAME My name is NAME SURNAME, and I am first author of article #XXXX (TITLE). We submitted our article to journal JOURNALNAME on SUBMISSIONDATE. We have not received an update regarding the status of our manuscript. Could you let us know when we can expect notice regarding the decision of the editorial board? Thank you for your time and effort. Best Regards, NAME SURNAME