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What's the best approach for talking to faculty that are in distant/unrelated areas during a campus visit for a faculty position?

Is it preferable to show that you are interested in their research and open-minded about learning new things by asking them about their research, or to try to focus on your own research and the expertise that you offer?

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You'll typically have between a half-hour and an hour to talk with them. In that time, you should be able to cover a number of different topics:

  1. Your background (briefly)
  2. Your academic experience, if any
  3. Why you're interested in working in their department
  4. Their research focus
  5. Their ideas for future research focuses
  6. Ways you could fit into their department

Of all those, the only ones you could probably skip is 1. Everything else is pretty crucial to getting a good idea of what the department's research agenda (if they have one) is.