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I'm a exchange student that just arrived in the US. The professor is asking us to do this:

Please write and submit brief synopses of each paper before class which include the following:

  • the title and authors
  • a one paragraph summary of the paper (do not copy the abstract - how would you summarize the paper?)
  • 1-3 things you found most interesting (at most one paragraph)
  • 1-3 questions that arose for you while reading the paper (at most one paragraph)

I never did this before, specially in English. How should this look like ? You have rules to do (spacing, font, etc.) ? And are the "Title and authors" for my text or the authors of the papers ?

1 Answer 1

Unless your professor specified something, you can basically use whatever format you want. Make sure that it looks professional though (i.e. don't use Comic Sans). The titles and authors would be those of the paper you are summarising.

Apart from that, the structure is already given. I would probably put each synopsis on a separate page with something like "Summary of ..." and the title of the paper as heading.