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I want to keep a research notebook for my computational "experiments". Basically, I should at least be able to write text and attach images like plots. Other nice features to have would be

  1. linking to past experiments/pages
  2. latex equations
  3. uploading papers, or other urls
  4. being able to transfer data
  5. dating and version control
  6. open-source tool

I am already familiar with trello and tiddlywiki. Trello is good for attaching stuff and organising tasks, but I need a notebook where I attach a plot, write stuff around it, attach another below it. It doesn't have a paper or canvas. Tiddlywiki is a little painful for attaching pics and equations, the file bloats, it seems I am keeping a blog.

What is a good, free electronic notebook tool for research/lab work?

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For uploading papers and annotating them, I use mendeley. To organize my citations, I use citeulike which is nifty for it bibtex entry generation. I also use Jabref locally on my computer to manage my papers.

I am into numerical simulations as well and I generally add my results to latex documents (figures and all) as I eventually need it in a latex format for my dissertation! Plus this way, I save time!

Have you tried google notebook? I haven't used it in at least 3 years so I don't quite know how good it is now.

Good luck!