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Related to but different from Should I include a publication where I'm only acknowledged (and not one of the authors) in my CV?

I'm a part of some publications which officially are written by author A and B and then the Team Members. Should these publications be on my CV? I contributed to the project (hence the team co-authorship) but don't want to seem like I'm trying to pad my CV.

Currently I have my publication list broken up by sections: Journal, Talks, Technical Reports, and then Other, and I have the Team Member publications listed under Other.

Is this appropriated and/or reasonable, or should I remove them?

1 Answer 1

  • If you are listed as an author in the paper, then you can always include the paper in your publications list.

  • If you are pruning your resume to be a 2-page one and if you have better publications (say where you are the lead author) to show, then have a single category titled "Selected Publications" and exclude this paper.

  • If you are making a very detailed list of publications, say one on a webpage, then do consider including the name of all authors in the same order as in the published paper.