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Lately lots of courses like udacity, coursera, and MITx are provided online. I attended most of them; also I have attended courses in OCW provided by MIT. Now I desire to earn some credits for whatever I have learnt so far, so that I can apply for a degree (in electronics and computer engineering).

  • Could anyone suggest some place where I will get accredited for the courses I do?

1 Answer 1

There are ways to get accredited for completing online courses on Courses as of 2013.

Coursera now offers Signature Tracks for some courses, on completing which you get a Verified Certificate. In a Signature Track, on submitting each assignment, you are asked to submit some written text as well, which is verified against a handwriting sample given by you at the beginning of the course. There are other techniques used too, such as facial recognition via webcam, etc.

Also, some courses have started to provide an option to give the final exam at a certified Testing Center to earn a similar Verified Certificate.

Each of these, of course, cost money.