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I have offers for tenure-track computational biology positions at a couple of U.S. research universities. What sort of things do I need to budget for in my startup package?

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I'll hopefully be in your position in another year or two, so I'm not speaking from experience. But a few things come to mind:

  • Laptop (be specific) and associated technical support
  • Any software licenses you need to complete your research and teach
  • Office space and furniture
  • Lab space
  • Lab equipment (be specific)
  • Access to shared lab equipment as needed (be specific)
  • Access to server(s) where you can test your code/algorithms/etc.
  • Access to cluster computing resources (if that fits in with your research)
  • Lighter teaching load your first 1-3 years
  • Lighter service load your first 1-3 years (not sure if that's something you would explicitly ask for though)
  • Salary (and benefits where applicable) for any students, staff, post-docs you will need to be successful in getting papers and grants written
  • Money for other miscellaneous expenses that you envision will be necessary
  • Money to travel to 1-2 conferences per year

I'm sure others could think of more to add...

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