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I'm studying published journal articles on my topic, and I'd like to reproduce their analysis. How can I get a copy of their dataset and enough specifications to reproduce their numerical results?

In my specific case, I'm studying this work: Stecklov et al. (2005), published in Demography, and they're using PROGRESA datasets which are publicly available, but when I try to reproduce their results, all the base statistics are off by a bit, and the regressions come out a bit different. Probably I'm just including or excluding a few different cases, but what can I do to identify the difference?

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Replication is an incredibly important part of academia. Don't forget that it's possible you are failing to replicate because the original authors did something wrong! You should absolutely email them, but keep in mind that failure to replicate can be publishable, provided your differences are significant and you can couch couch our results in current theory.

Have a look at Gary King's "Replication, Replication"