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I live in the UK, study Computing and I'm about to start my final year. I have been told by friends that the University holds the right to my final year project. Is there a way of getting the rights and intellectual property of my final year project?

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I would double-check on that statement of your friends. If you are not employed by someone to produce some intellectual property, then you will own the copyright to all texts and other material that you create. You are then free to transfer that right to someone else (at least in the UK), or give out licenses.

So unless either

  1. you have a work contract with your university for this project, or
  2. you signed an agreement that the university will own the rights to your project,

I would expect that you retain all rights in the project.

There is one caveat: Any material that is provided to you by the advisor of your project is of course not your intellectual property, and you would have to deal with it as with any external source. This may include even the initial project description, if it is of substantial intellectual value!