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I like the idea of writing an academic book.

  • It currently looks better on a CV when applying for jobs, grants, promotions, etc. than a blog post, or a website.
  • Libraries and people archive the work
  • Most of the best academic content currently seems to end up in books and journal articles, rather than on websites.
  • People have an attractive physical copy to engage with if they want.

However, I don't like the constraints imposed by a book. In particular, readership is limited to those who buy/borrow the book or have access to a library.


In some cases, I'd prefer to write something like an "open access book".

  • If readers want the physical copy, they can purchase the book. Ideally some of this revenue would go to the author, but I'm not too fussed if the publisher just uses this money to fund promotion, editorial assistance, production, etc.
  • However, access to a PDF of the book is free online.
  • The book gets an ISBN, archiving, availability on Amazon, etc. and all the academic recognition associated with publishing an academic book.


  • So, are there any options for doing this, and what might be best option?
  • Are there any case studies of others who have done this?

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Spartacus-IDH is a French science publisher. If I correctly understand the site, all books are freely viewable and some are freely downloadable as PDF. The catalogue is meager so far, but I see no reason why it shouldn't grow.