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These days there is so much material on the web that it is difficult to set good exercises/assignments for students, because they often find the questions on the web simply by googling (or else ask at a site such as http://cs.stackexchange.com).

How do people deal with this problem? How do you generate unique assignment questions?

For the record, the area I teach is computer science.

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It seems like we are in a continuing arms race of finding questions, assigning them before they become obsolete due to over-use. The weird thing, is that even if a question is now obsolete because it's been asked and answered too many times and the answers are all available on the web, it doesn't mean that the question is bad. We shouldn't replace material just because it was used before. That's like telling people to do their job in the most difficult way possible because other people have already done it the easy way.

Maybe we should swap the usage of time. 100% of class time will be spent solving problems, and 100% of homework time will be spent scouring the web, textbooks, etc. to read about new material. Has anyone tried this method?