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There are a lot of very smart people in academia. They are at the front of human knowledge and push it further. Obviously, the research that comes out of academia is very new. My question is who applies this research? In other words, why don't these smart professors start a company and sell their new findings by applying it to a problem and sell a service or product?

I mean if I was a very smart researcher, and discovered something that no-one has known before, then first thing for me would be to create a company and sell it. Yet what I see is that all these researchers remain relatively poor compared to business people, and they publish some papers and then someone else applies their findings and makes a lot of money, while they do not get anything.

I might be wrong though. I don't really know how it goes.

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Many Academicians are working in other parts of the globe but selling their research paper by writing their affiliation of Middle east countries or Turkey. This way they get opportunity to get money each paper from affiliated (virtual) institutions and also opportunity to visit being so called visiting faculty. Please see King Saud University, Abdul Aziz University, Çankaya University, Atilim University, Ankara and many more!