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I am writing my master thesis and I am not sure how to reference/cite different sources in a list.

I have a small list like:

The benefits of an "incredibly interesting topic" are:

  • benefit 1 (ref 1)
  • benefit 2 (ref 2)
  • benefit 3 (ref 2)
  • benefit 4 (ref 1)
  • benefit 5 (ref 3)

I think that putting the reference after each point is a bit intrusive, but I don't know how else can I do it.

Is there any convention of how to reference in this scenario?

1 Answer 1

I think the method you've proposed, while cumbersome and intrusive, is also the correct way to do things, as you will be assigning a specific item to a specific source. That is the point of citing original source material in the first place. So while it may be somewhat unsightly (particularly if using a Harvard-like style in which the authors are listed as part of the reference), what you're doing has the advantage of being unambiguous and completely legitimate.