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Because of the style of a journal, and the space limit, I was asked to remove a section and all appendices.

While I have no problem with that, I want to preserve it in the arXiv preprint.


  • Is it OK to have different final papers and its arXiv version?
    (perhaps with the comment, e.g. "Sec 3.4. and Appendices A and B only in the arXiv version")
  • Is it OK to cite in a paper its own arXiv version?
    (e.g. derivation of (15) is in [5]?)

1 Answer 1

There doesn't need to be a strict correlation between an arXiv publication and an actual publication. It's actually common to use arXiv to publish extended/longer version of a published version (which seems exactly what you want to do). So

  • Yes, it's OK to have a final paper that differs from the arXiv version.
  • Yes, it's even encouraged to cite the arXiv version to point to appendices/extra material/proofs/detailed examples, etc.

However, the main rule is still that your journal paper must be self-contained, i.e., must be understandable without having to read the arXiv version. In other words, if removing the section implies to remove a definition (for instance), then you must put this definition somewhere else in the paper.