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I wish to categorise my large collection of electronic documents. I need a foolproof set of categories to put each document in. I want to use a classification system similar to how university schools are organized:


Some of my documents are productivity tips (similar to Dave Allen's "Getting Things Done" book). I can't find an academic category under which productivity comes. The term "productivity science" doesn't seem to be a widely accepted term.

What is the most natural category to put the study of "Productivity" in? Psychological Sciences (or other Social Sciences)? Applied Sciences/Professions? I'm tempted to put it in Psychology because I have other documents based on Learning, Memory and Performance. The four of those seem best suited to Psychological Sciences.

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The metaproblem here is that the OP has clearly invested a lot of intellectual energy trying to find the “right place” to store documents by some objective standard. But the only “right place” is the one that maximizes your probability of finding stuff when you need it. (This could be an early warning sign of excess rigidity in problem solving more generally. Always think of the big picture.)

If you created an imaginary new academic discipline called zigamazoo and stored all the GTD and similar productivity materials there, would that be a ridiculous name? Of course. Would it be effective? I’ll bet it would.

I’d actually call it personal productivity and make it a peer of the other academic disciplines. I’d probably remember that when I went to look for it. If cross-references would be helpful under topics like psychology, I’d add them, but they’re probably superfluous. You’ll remember you created a (rare!) top-level heading for this.

Why on earth would you care whether it's under the right academic discipline as long as you can find it?