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Given the importance of web presence how does one manage the web presence of a research group? The simplest approach seems to be to use links to the personal webpages of the group members to supply content. Is it worth creating content specifically for the group and if so should it reflect the interests of the current group membership or the interests of the PI, which will need updating less frequently?

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There are many things that could be useful for the web presence of a research group, namely:

  • A brief presentation of the aims of this research group
  • The members of this working group (past and currents) with a link to their homepage
  • a list of publications by this research group
  • if there are working groups organized by this research group (for instance a presentation every two weeks by one of the member of the work done)
  • Other results such as software ...
  • Maybe a link to the people funding this research group, a little advertisement never hurts.