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I started to get emails like this:

From: Firstname Middlename Lastname <[email protected]>~

Title of paper.

I need the article to study.

thank you!

Firstname Middlename Lastname

Title of paper identifying one of my papers.

Is this the beginning of academic spam or phishing? Do you get such stuff regularly?

The first reaction I had was to answer with an ironic version of how I'd like such an email to look and how I'd have answered it.

On a second thought I decided that the email was so rude that I won't answer it.

After a few hours I got the very same email a second time. I noticed that the sender name is not the one of the names in the "signature". Also, the sender is rather unknown to the more relevant part of the internet (including pubmed).

1 Answer 1

The beginning and the end of your account contradict each other, so I do not understand if you got this message many times, from several different addresses, or once or twice, from the same person.

In the first case, it definitely seems a spam-like behavior.

In the second, it could be a honest message from a grad student with poor English knowledge. Check if the names are compatible with this explanation; if so, I would definitely answer. It could even earn you a citation. :)