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I'm currently writing a journal article to be published, and the work from this article is basically the entire work of my Master's thesis.

Clearly a thesis is usually more involved and fleshed out than a journal article, but how much direct copying is usually permitted? Is it okay to directly copy-and-paste an entire chapter (or multiple chapters) of this article into my thesis, given that I wrote it anyway? At what point am I plagiarising myself?

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In Computer Science, many publishers (well all of those I published with) have an automated system of requesting re-use permissions. For inclusion in a thesis, these tend to be 'as published' or 'post-review, but not typeset' which allows verbatim copies. Verbatim as in: insert the pdf from the journal into the thesis.

You should check for your field but might be pleasently surprised.

Please check with your advisor what he allows you to do.