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I need to contact the editorial board of a journal I recently submitted an article to about an issue, and I am having some thoughts as to who would be the appropriate person to contact.

I know that the Editor-in-chief is pretty much in charge of the show, and the associate editors contribute based on their personal areas of expertise.

I have no idea what a managing editor does however. Intuitively I would assume that this job title would encompass more of the administrative and less scientific aspects of the publication process, but I am not certain.

So what does a managing editor do, and what type of questions should be directed to the managing editor?

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Yes, the managing editor is more administrative. For example, when a review is overdue, he may send a reminder to the reviewer. After a paper is accepted, he may send to the author the paperwork to complete.

I would say: do not communicate with him directly, except in response to something he sent to you.