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I have just started my PhD and although I love research and everything that accompanies it but I am put off by Academia a bit and would prefer an Industry job at the end of my PhD.

What can I do differently during my PhD years with this ambition in mind?

I have read "PhD Grind" by Philip Guo wherein he states that at the end, he disliked Academia and thus his motives at conferences and other events changed from "crazy networking". Further, he spent more summers working in companies (Google and Microsoft Research, in his case) than with other research groups.

Specifically, should I handle the following any differently:

  • Relation with Advisor
  • How I spend my summers
  • Conferences
  • Publications

1 Answer 1

If your goal after grad school is to get a job, then during grad school

  • you should do the things needed to impress the people you want to hire you and to be accepted and esteemed in their community.
  • Slightly more concretely, find people who now have the career that you would like to have, and during grad school do stuff that they have done.

I still think networking is key, but now you may be networking with a different group of people.