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I have a Bachelor's in Computer Engg from India but the education system here is pathetic and I have no idea about research. I'm about to join an Ivy league university in the US for the Master's program and I'd like to experience research now that I'll have the perfect opportunity to, but I'm not even sure if I know what research is. So I have a few questions:

When you say you're into research, what do you exactly mean? What are you doing? Why are you doing it? If not this, what else could you have done that would still be classified as research? How did you come up with the idea of what you're doing right now? What can I publish and what can't I but I'm likely to think that I can being a rookie? And most important, how do I come up with an idea to carry research on?

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And most important, how do I come up with an idea to carry research on?

This, for most people, is a learned skill. Increasingly, Phd programs are where this skill is learned. A non exhaustive skill sets include:

  • Having the "right" way to approach an issue as a research problem. Learn to identify what issues are not fruitful research problems.
  • A set of ethic/behavior codes specific to research.
  • Developing a strong level of perseverance (research is grinding)

Why are you doing it?

Because, in an increasing number of fields, these skills are necessary. Phd is a form of apprenticeship approach to the acquisition of these skills.